If we Want to Change our Lives

There are two ways we can facilitate personal change: there’s the active rebellion against set patterns, beliefs, and habits; such as routines, belief systems that may have exhausted their purpose, mental attitudes, unconscious reactions to various circumstances, etc. There’s alot of work that goes into this department for sure.

The next thing we can do (preferably before we impliment change) is to idealize a better way of life, a greater vision for ourselves that is built upon integrity, constructive values, positivity and personal power; especially if we feel powerless in our current predicament. When this ideal self is tested, consciously guided and cultivated, it will gradually leave the old self obsolete.

Charlie Bradford


Nature Therapy

Nature destroys all illusions. Any inconsistencies in our being will emerge when we are in nature; especially when we’re alone. Sufficient time in nature will untangle much pressure, tension, and anxiety caused by the modern world. The more we become acquainted with the natural realm, she begins to re-wire our nervous system, allowing us to maintain greater levels mental, emotional, and physical resilience in our dominant enviornments. A regular walking meditation through nature is very beneficial, certainly in the long run.

Charlie Bradford