Update (starting over)

Hey, Charlie here.

 I’m starting over, from scratch. I will not be using any of my web pages or blogs for a while, as I’m going through a personal transformation which is forcing my attention toward a new cultivation.

 All of my online outlets will be undergoing a great metamorphosis along with my own transformation. As of now, I’ll be removing all of my shared content for a total restart. (I’ll re-integrate much of it into my new work.) I’ll be moving away from posting bitesize nuggets and brief insights, toward sharing deeper and richer content for those with the patience and sincere curiosity to learn higher knowledge.

 I’ll be producing in-depth articles and videos which will serve as inspiration and psychic nourishment for any individual working toward their own self-discovery and self-mastery. At present, I’m patiently and diligently developing a system of thought that is both philosophically and spiritually magnetic, that aspires to cultivate awareness of our higher relationship with life, bringing us closer to a true alignment with reality as it is, and away from the common state of modern man which is most akin to sleep.

 The system will function as a great reminder, that we are not here merely to survive and then leave into an oblivion. But that we are here to learn to live, and live to learn, and to love the journey as we fulfil a destiny that is inscribed upon the heart of every man, women, and child: to ignite and unfold the true spark of wisdom and joy inside of us. 

 So I look for forward to resurrecting my work with a new vitality, hopefully in the next few months; though by the patience and concentrated labour required, I’m left with no prediction as to how long I’m going to be away for, which is okay, as I’m all for the journey!

 In the mean time: stay inspired, and live life alive!

 Charlie Bradford