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If we are to know ourselves beyond the limitations of sense and time, to transcend the program of life we’ve accepted, and to rescue our heart and soul from conditioning and circumstance, we must begin to unlearn our conditioning and our our own self-image of who we think we are in comparison to the consensus world around us. We must absolutley revive our sense of wonder for the mystery of life. We are only alive to the degree that we are wonder-full. When we erase all that we’ve become by societal conditioning, we restore the paradise of consciousness which we had in childhood, and the many hidden layers of life become known again, and even our own self existence becomes an inspiring mystery bursting with joy restored.

But so long as were addicted to all that has been presented to us, and that we’ve accepted, absorbed and constantly affirm as…

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Living Our Truth

When we live our lives in alignment with Truth, nothing less than Truth is worth living for. There is no turning back. You cannot unsee the Light. Those who taste Truth and try to turn back around and retreat, are seeking refuge in an empty shell of life that was, but is no more.

Truth elevates us beyond our ignorance, and gives us the courage to live right. When we go against the Truth, the golden thread that guides our natural destiny becomes tangled and chaotic and will lead us through much struggle and unnecessary suffering. If we know of a greater way of living, we have the responsibility and personal power to live that Truth, regardless of how the world around us chooses live. We must strive to live up to the highest that we know each and everyday, and allow Truth to crystallize and become the baseline of our character.

Charlie B

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