A Collection of Quotes by Charlie Bradford


”Until we comprehend our greatness, we will continue believing in our smallness.”

”The best use of time is to forget that it exists.”

”Self-mastery is the process of bringing the superior and inferior parts of ourselves into harmony.”

”What are you directing your limited life energy toward?”

”We are far greater than the world we have accepted.”

”Don’t be afraid to take risks. Life’s a risk – you’re not going to get out of it alive!”

”We’re either evolving or decaying. Nature does not stand still.”

”The point of life is not to arrive at a destination. Life is a process of continuous self-expansion. Are we growing? If we are, then we exceed all destinations.”

”Our success requires us to drop all that does not serve us.”

”To waste time is to waste life.”

”We have turned our freewill into an enemy called the Ego.”

”All growth begins in darkness”

”For us to know Reality, the Mind must be blind to all illusions.”

”There are no answers in the Universe. Only questions and insights.”

”A true warrior is he who succeeds without ever drawing his blade.”

”Nature does not tell us the secrets.. She shows us.”

”We are all immortal souls deep in slumber.”

”The greatest secrets come to those in silence.”

”The mind seeks beauty; the heart finds it.”

”Question everything. It is our birthright to question the world in which we live, and what is presented to us. Questioning frees us from limitation. Our power to question, is our power to change.”

”Spirituality is not a path to be followed; it’s a foundation to be set.”

”Find your Element. Cultivate your Element. Fashion your Life around your Element.”

”Mastery comes to those who follow their inner-impulse toward greatness. Living in harmony with their unique Element of expression.”

”The only thing preventing us from achieving our goals is the tyrant within!”

”Nothing is ever against you but yourself.”

”See each day as a new life; a new adventure.”

”Junk food creates a Junk body. A Junk body creates a Junk mind. A Junk mind creates a Junk life.”

”There is more success in a thousand mistakes than there is in doing nothing at all.”

”If we do not know what is good and right, self-correction is impossible. If we truly know what is good and right self-correction is unnecessary.”

”Everything we learn is a doorway. When we fail to learn – the doors stay closed.”

”A Mind cannot grow in the absence of imagination.”

”The sub-conscious mind is the soil in which the conscious mind plants the seed – whatever you plant will grow.”

”The world outside reflects our state of mind.”

”Everyday we make choices that determines who we are tomorrow.”

”The greatest ideas come to those who pierce the veil of normality.”

”We must outshine who we were yesterday, and build for a greater tomorrow.”

”Who was I in my past life? Look at who you are now. You’re the result of that past life; an immediate reflection of it.”

”Authenticity suffocates when we follow expectations that are not aligned with our true feelings and desires.”

”Dance to the inner pulse of the spirit.”

”Many are inspired by a vision, most are imprisoned by doubt.”

”The path of self-discovery never comes to a halt.”

”First we ignore. Then we resist. Then we Idolize.”

”The person you become is far greater than what you accomplish.”

”I can’t do it!”  is a reflection of our conditioning, not our potential.

”Those that believe life is short are not fully living.”

”Birth and Death are terms used for the surface aspects of the eternal transformation of consciousness.”

”The Self we’re looking for, is the one that’s looking.. Consciousness is a mirror that must be kept clean, otherwise we lose ourselves to what ever has been imposed upon the reflection. We should not attempt to find ourselves, but remove the barriers that prevent us from being ourselves.”

”If neither matter nor energy can be destroyed, but only transformed, when then does it cease to be? When did it begin to be?”

”Do not let your past conditioning obscure your innate potential.”

”Death is but an extended sleep, a temporary retreat from life.”

”Time is best used for ripening the greatness within us.”

”Express your potential in all ways, a tree does not branch in one direction.”

”The seed to all wisdom, understanding, compassion, and ALL future innovation, is within you right now.”

”There’s no limit to the unfoldment of ourselves.”

”Fearing death will not make you immortal.”

”Everything in the universe is exteriorized thought.”

”There is a divine spark within all of us that is older than the universe.”

Stay Inspired, and Live Life Alive!

Charlie Bradford 2015